Friday, October 14, 2011

French Dreams Soldered Charm

from Lost Bird Studio
FrenchKissed Artist-in-Residence


Hello everyone,

Today I would like to create a soldered charm with you – so get out your soldering iron and let's have some fun.
For those of you who have never soldered before, I have added a video tutorial from Stampington Co. at the very end.



Soldering iron
Memory glass 2X2 – two pieces (I utilized Memory Glass by Ranger)
Lead-free solder
Flux (I use soldering paste – same thing)
Copper foil tape
Bone folder
2 jump rings
Chain nose pliers
Wet sponge to keep your tip clean
Paper towel and Glass cleaner
Patina solution (Novacan black)

For today's project I have chosen the “English Beauty” image from FrenchKissed.

Please resize your image to fit behind the glass.


For the back of the pendant I used this beautiful postcard from FrenchKissed and just added a punched out fleur-de-lis.


Sandwich your collage between the glass, than cut out 4 strips of copper foil tape, which should be slightly longer than the glass, and start wrapping your pendant.



Now your pendant should look like this and you're almost ready to solder it - so plug in your soldering iron! Use the brush to spread the soldering paste or Flux on to your copper tape. (Don’t forget to have your jump rings ready.)


Be careful, the glass gets very hot – don’t touch it!


Here is the pendant all soldered, but I wanted a vintage look so I used a Patina solution to age it.


Just use a Q-tip to apply the patina solution.


Voila, here is your finished pendant.

It wasn’t that difficult, was it ?

If you need any further explanations, feel free to contact me.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and I hope you will join me next Friday again.


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Robin said...

Great make it look so easy!


Lynne Moncrieff said...

Be still my heart.
This is such a thing of beauty.
When I've tried to solder it was a lumpy mess and started to peel away.
Thank you for that video and thank you for always being so inspirational.
P.S. I used that image when I was AIR to make alter a tote. This shows how versatile Trishia's images are.

Ira said...

Oh Marie, this is another exquisite piece! You are just so adept at what you do, never cease to amaze me!! Thanks for sharing your talent and tutorial, hugs, Ira

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Great tutorial, dear Marie! The pendant turned out beautiful!
Happy weekend :-)!

sonya said...

I love the image of the girl-so pretty! And thank you for the tutorial. You made it look simple and easy!
Have a great weekend Trishia and Marie.

Lululiz said...

I so need to learn how to do this, I found a BIG stash of 1x3 glass slides at a boot fair a while ago and I want to use them! I need to go shopping for the bits and pieces.
Thank you so much for the great tutorial and your encouragement! Without seeing your beautiful soldered creations I would have never even considered it.

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, you made a great and beautiful tutorial, thankyou- and your charm is so very lovely.
Hugs and x

Rhonda said...

I'm loving the featured artists!
Marie, it is so beautiful, I wish I had such a steady and creative hand to make these myself.

Feathers and Flight said...

Thank You Trishia Marie! I am Excited about Trying it out Now!!There are so Many possibilities with Charms!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Kim Dellow said...

Brilliant, great tutorial, thanks for sharing. Kim

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!!
Have a great week and I hope to see you next Friday.
XO Marie

gaelle said...

This is so beautiful and what a fantastic plus to share the video also. I have wanted to learn to solder my glass pieces for the longest time and am so excited to try it now -- I only hope I can do half as good as the tutorial made it look. Thanks so much Maria.

Michelle said...

That is so pretty - you do make it look like I could go buy a soldering iron and make one myself!

Suz said...

Sweet Marie,
That is so lovely. You make it look so easy. I have tried several times and get a little better but I don't think I will ever be really good! Thanks so much for showing your beautiful. Is there anything you can't do?

penny4thoughts said...

Such a great tutorial, Marie! Your piece is wonderful!

Ann said...

fabulous tutorial.
i have tried only made a mess! you make it look so easy..i have to try again!!