Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hanging Up at My House

Not everybody puts plate racks and skirt hangers in their entry way. But then again, I'm not everybody.

You see, several months ago I decided that we needed a better coat rack than the long tall one with wooden pegs sticking out of it. I really love the look of those coat racks made from upcycled door knobs. I found several I liked online but shipping heavy door knobs and even heavier wood made the cost too exorbitant for a cheapskate like me. I decided making our own would be a little "project" for The Hubby and me. 

Not only do I love the vintage appeal of the old black and white enamel door knobs, but I like the practicality of hanging your coat on a rounded object instead of a spikey, pointed peg because I, for one, don't like the spikey-pointed-peg-look that your coats get from hanging on typical coat racks. You walk around for a mile or two looking deformed before the fabric relaxes back into shape.

So we went salvage shopping and I came up with those black thingies you see above and a couple of door knobs to go with the other door knobs that I've had for ages. Then, I began to realize that the "problem" with the door knob racks is that what makes them so cute in the first place IS the door knobs and that's all buried under coats, so what's the use, right? So the project for the vintage coat rack was handled like many of my "projects" -- it was shelved.

However, on one of those rare occasions when I talked The Hubby into going to garage sales with me, I came across a long metal thingie marked a mere $5 and said, "Voila! Our new coat rack!"

The Hubby looked at me like I was crazy. "That's a plate rack. That's not a coat rack." I paid my five bucks and said, "It's a coat rack now."
He still didn't believe me but as we walked on to the next house and the next garage sale (it was a neighborhood event), three different people commented on my plate coat rack and when I told 'em I got it for a mere five bucks and you could see them turning green with envy, then The Hubby thought I was still crazy but he was proud of me for my financial acuity:)

I know the coat rack wall still needs something to gussy it up and hide the screws. But for now, at least the coats, sweaters, bags, hats and scarves are staying hung on nice rounded hooks and not dangling from spikes on a wooden pole resembling the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

In our family, that's an accomplishment in itself!

Of course, that still leaves the matter of the black thingies and the door knobs I had bought and collected. Well, guess what? Yesterday, I got another creative ACTION spurt and did something. On the wall opposite the plate coat rack, I threw together another postcard display using a vintage skirt hanger. At first, I was just going to hang the hanger from its hanger. Then I remembered the door knobs and the black thingies!

A little E6000 to glue them together and now I have an interesting architectural element to hang the skirt hanger  postcard display.

We've been here 1 year and 1 month. I still have some boxes of 'stuff' that haven't been unpacked! But I feel I've truly made some progress in the last week getting surrounded by things that are special and beautiful to me. For the entry way, I focused on sepia images with just a few dashes of red-orange for pizzaz. I didn't angst over this like I did the wooden strip. (Thanks to you folks, I'm over that hurdle:)

My daughter and her parnter are coming to visit for my birthday!! Along with their 40-hour-a-week jobs, they are building up an artisan pork sausage business. So when they arrive, they will no doubt see one card in particular that I picked out to pay homage to them.

 I'll brag about one of my oldest cards from 1899....

Point out a postcard of the hospital where I was born (not QUITE 1899:)

Joke about my "town square" postcard ....

Now, The Kids aren't coming till Sunday. I've got one more door knob thingie. I'm on such a roll. No tellin' what I'll do with it!


Ann said...

love your door knobs and love your post card holder you made! your coat rack is a great idea!!!
i've been in my house over 22 years..STILL have a couple boxes i never unpacked in the garage! yes..i really do!!!

marda said...

Fantastic ideas you've come up with. I too like the vintage door knobs used in ways never intended.
I've seen those skirt hangers like that used to display loads of things...your postcards look great on it. When is a plate rack not a plate rack???? when it's a coat rack of course.

marda said...

Rod needs to think outside the box (rack)!!!!!

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