Thursday, June 5, 2014

Remember to Forget: A Souvenir ....

My imagination must be too active. My brain rushes ahead and creates entire scenarios with just a few pieces of information. Case in point is this antique photo postcard. When I first got it, I kept laughing. I thought it was hilarious because of the script at the bottom: Souvenir of one very bad night. E. Thomas." I'm thinking the woman must be throwing daggers with her eyes at the guy? There was some kind of fight or big blow up?? Perhaps Thomas and his friends drank a little too much and the hubby said something that really got himself in trouble? The whole affair seemed all the more humorous in my imagination cause Thomas had taken a photo of the incident! Nothing like a friend rubbing salt in a wound! Oh, to know the rest of the story....

Well, AFTER I got out my jeweler's loupe to really examine the pic, I realized what that 'thing' is sitting on the table: an artillery shell!
Note the date: Aug. 21, 1918. World War I was still going on. 
So that look on the man's face is not a down-in-the-mouth in-the-dog-house look. It's humble gratitude (and shock) at still being alive because there was NOT a big blow up. 

Obviously .... the joke is on me. I need better glasses and a less avid imagination that jumps to conclusions. What did I think the big thing in the CENTER of the picture was? A tree with no roots? A rustic porch column with no porch? I dunno. My brain didn't register anything except that cryptic one liner: a very bad night. 

Anyway, I've scanned this little piece of history and I wanted to share it with you. No cleaning up, just authentically vintage [translation: scratches and all:)] I don't imagine you make many ATCs or greeting cards about bombs. But maybe you can utilize pieces: the man's face; the woman in her dress with the fun print, the purple-blue ink French script.