Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Garden Party

We don't have fashion rules as strict as those in the 'old days' but I think you'll agree that nothing says 'summer' like ladies dressed in white.

Right click and the image will appear in a new window for you to copy and save to your computer.

If you want to share this FrenchKissed freebie with your friends, please don't pass on the digi itself but give them the link to my blog so they can download it directly from my site. (It's an ethical thing I have about crediting sources and educating folks that just because it's digital and on the web doesn't mean it's free to copy. Permission from the original poster is the higher road to take:)

Merci beaucoup!


Ann said...

such a wonderful image..aren't you a darling!!!
hope all is well with you!!!!

marda said...

Great picture. Of course if one of those gals was me.. there'd be something spilled on the front of a beautiful white dress!! Ha.
Thanks Trishia.

Yvonne Garner said...

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous image!

Mary A. said...

I'd also have a stain on my frock and will have been in the house trying to make myself presentable and missed the photo opportunity. :-) Thanks for sharing!